You're Not Alone

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20"x28" 2 inch Gallery Wrap on Canvas


Sometimes I just can’t make sense of the things I see. A boy doing CPR on his father after finding him hanging in the garage, a drug addict getting mad after saving his life because we ruined his high, a drunk driver who kills his girlfriend in a car accident while he walks away without a scratch or just the random bad luck that results in the death of an entire family.

I created this image after being called to a car accident where a little girl and her family were killed. The family all had injuries incompatible with life so we didn’t even try to resuscitate anyone. What really got to me was a teddy bear I saw on scene covered in blood. Why this family? What mistake was made that resulted in this innocent little girl and her family to be killed instantly? How many lives are going to be changed forever after learning about this tragedy? You can go crazy trying to answer why things happen the way they do. Things just happen, there is no sense to it…but that’s not the way it should be in my brain and there shouldn't be this much blood on a teddy bear.

Stay safe everyone, you're not alone.

This art piece has been in my gallery for 6 months. A certificate of authenticity and hand signed description will be included with this item. This piece will be hand signed prior to shipping. World wide delivery is included in the price.