The Trauma Code #2

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40"x25" 3/4 inch gallery wrap on canvas


This is the second of 2 of the first images I ever created. The scene is based on a call I attended almost 15 years ago. A young man was struck by a drunk driver while on his motorbike. As we were trying to stabilize him he was calling for his mother, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" He was a grown man but reverted to a child as he died. 

After creating this image I didn't share it for a long time. I was scared of what other paramedics would think. Showing a medic being mentally affected by a call wasn't an image most people had seen at that point. I can say this is the image that started my artistic career, this was the very first.

This piece has been in my gallery for 18 months. A certificate of authenticity and hand signed description will be included with this item. This piece will be hand signed prior to shipping. World wide delivery is included in the price.