The Last Voice

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20"x30" Framed Canvas on Masonite

34.75"x25" including frame


The Last Voice

Since I posted 'First Contact' a few years ago I've been receiving hundreds of emails from 911 operators all around the world. Some of the stories have made my toes curl. One thing that has stuck in my mind is the amount of times dispatchers hear a caller end their life while on the phone. They are 'The Last Voice' many people hear. Often they don't know what happens after the emergency crews arrive. Sometimes their only indication is when they are asked to call the Coroner.

Another terrifying situation is being on the phone with a victim that is being attacked and listening to them plead for help as they are being murdered. For dispatchers, they often are The Last Voice.

This is for all my Brothers and Sisters who dispatch us to our calls, you are one of us, you suffer the same emotional torment and celebrate with us when we have a save. You are not forgotten or unsung in my books. Thank you for what you do.


This art piece has been in my gallery for 1 year. A certificate of authenticity and hand signed description will be included with this item. This piece will be hand signed prior to shipping. World wide delivery is included in the price.