Portraits of an Emergency - Hard Cover Art Book

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About this Book:

Portraits of an Emergency is a collection of images created by firefighter, paramedic, and artist Daniel Sundahl. The creation of these images provides a rare insight to the mental toll faced in the world of emergency services. Many of these images originate from real emergencies attended by the artist, and help serve as a creative outlet in processing the terrible scenes he has witnessed. Here is a rare look inside the world of emergency work and the mental toll it brings to those working in emergency services. This hard cover book is designed by the artist with emphasis on a visual experience for the reader.

Closed Hard cover book measures 14 inches wide and 12 inches tall and is 74 pages.

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Book Reviews

"Portraits of an Emergency is a must have for every firehouse dayroom, EMS station break room, 911 dispatch centre restroom, or police station ready room. Aside from raising the level of awareness concerning PTSD among first responders, the book provides emergency service leaders, company officers, and chiefs a casual, edgy, ice-breaker to approaching the topic of PTSD with their workforce." - Station Pride 


"After 30 years of fire and EMS my family gifted me with this book for my birthday. I'm afraid I'm allergic to it though. Every time I leaf through it my eyes water, my throat gets tight and my nose runs. I wonder if it's the ink or the glue? It must be something because after I've put it away I feel so much better than when I started....every time." - Andre Gendron, Medic


"Your book was given to me as a gift for my birthday about a month ago. I was so excited to get through the pages to see more pics, but I was so overcome with emotions that I have tucked away for years and years , it took me almost 2 weeks to finish it. It is the most beautiful gift I have ever been given. The way you capture images shows so much intensity, so much emotion and feeling. You get right to the heart of why I do this job and love it, and hate it, so much. The raw emotion is almost too much at times, but I also needed this reminder of how much I really do love this job. I almost gave up and threw in he towel, but after reading your book I felt so refreshed to know someone understands how intense day to day can really be. I thank you, and am looking forward to your next book !!" - Jodi Beck, EMT


"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yesterday, my wife suprised me with a signed copy of your book, the 36th book signed. As I slowly read over it, staring off into the pictures, my mind went to all the calls over the past 9 years. All the people I have helped, and those that I have lost. As I turned a page, I saw a drop of water fall on the page. I looked to the ceiling, but then realized I was crying. Your art and notes touched me beyond what I thought was possible. It made me realize that I have seen too much for being so young. I realized a that moment that I want to start dedicating the rest of my career not only to helping my patients, but to my co-working family. I want to be there when someone has that rough call, and I want to know what to do for them. I work in the busy system of San Diego, California, so there is always that "bad call". Thank you for all you do, for all that you inspire, and for awakening something up inside us all. I hope one day I get the opportunity to shake your hand and say thank you in person." - Ben Harris, EMT



" Got mine just today. It looks fantastic. And yes, I cried looking at more than one of those pictures. Amazing work" - Claudine Coughlin


" I just received mine today and it was simply breathtaking. Absolutely amazing work! Love it so very much. It's so hard to describe some of the things we see and do - but your art does a perfect way of expressing things that are not so easy to explain or understand. For my family and friends not in Emergency services this gives them a glimpse of some of the things we deal with in such an eloquent way. I look forward to seeing more books in the future that show case your work. And I love that you gathered multiple branches of emergency services, as the issues brought forward are part of all areas and we need to help support each other in this. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world!" -Pamela Northam


"We received ours last week and it is amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for capturing in pictures what words can often not express." -Jennifer Beaudry, Clinical Development Nurse